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  1. TD Vaccine

    TD Vaccine is indicated to be administered via intramuscular route for providing protection against two life-threatening conditions including tetanus & diphtheria.
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  2. Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine

    The polysaccharide antigens were used to induce type-specific antibodies that enhanced opsonization, phagocytosis, and killing of Streptococcus pneumonia (pneumococcal) bacteria by phagocytic immune cells. The pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine is widely used in high-risk adults.
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  3. Typhoid Vaccine

    Typhoid Vaccine offered by us is known to be administered via intravenous or intramuscular routes by trained nurse. It is indicated to prevent typhoid fever caused by salmonella typhi which is characterized by constipation, weakness, and high fever
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  4. MMR Vaccine

    The MMR Vaccine prevents against contagious measles, mumps, and rubella (German measles).
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  5. TT Vaccine

    Tt injection is used to prevent teatnus
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  6. Cholera Vaccines

    Cholera is deadly health condition which is characterized by infection of small intestine induced by Vibrio cholerae. Cholera Vaccines are indicated during severe diarrhea with dehydration which is symptom of infection caused by vibrio
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  7. Influenza Vaccine

    Influenza Vaccine has been administered via IV or IM routes by trained physician, nurse, or doctor. It is recommended to be given to provide protection against flu & other conditions caused by influenza virus.
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  8. Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

    This is a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of HPV.
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  9. Anti Snake Venom

    Anti Snake Venom has been formulated to work effectively against all poisonous snakes by inactivating their venom from damaging body cells
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  10. Rotavirus Vaccine

    Rotarix is for use in children between the ages of 6 weeks and 24 weeks old.
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  11. Hepatitis B Vaccine

    Hepatitis B Vaccine is one of the most important vaccines that are added in immunization chart for kids. First dose of this vaccine is recommended within 24 hours after birth in order to prevent hepatitis B as infants are more susceptible due to weak immunity.
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  12. DPT Vaccine

    DPT Vaccine (also DTP and DTwP) is a category of combination of vaccines against 3 infectious diseases in humans: contagious disease, infectious disease (whooping cough), and tetanus.
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  13. Oral Polio Vaccine

    Oral Polio Vaccine is highly appreciated for having ability to provide protection against all three viruses. It is given in form of drops to infants & kids below five years of age in order to prevent occurrence of bone disorders and other health conditions.
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  14. BCG Vaccine

    BCG Vaccine has been specifically formulated to be used as preventive measure for tuberculosis and is administered right after birth. It is also known to provide protection against non-tuberculosis mycobacterium species including leprosy
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  15. HIB Vaccine

    HIB Vaccine has been formulated to provide protection against infection caused by Haemophilus influenza type B. It is administered when infant is of around six weeks and second dose is indicated at age of six months
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  16. Human Rabies Immunoglobulin Vaccines

    Human Rabies Immunoglobulin Vaccines are indicated to prevent rabies after dog bite, scratches, or injuries with infected tissue. They are often administered in combination with rabies vaccine to assure high effectiveness
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  17. Meningitis Vaccine

    Meningitis Vaccine is intramuscular injection which is administered to provide protection against meningococcal infection.
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